Where are the pyramids located in Egypt

Where are the pyramids located in Egypt

Egypt, the mother of the world, with a long history extending more than 7000 BC, has been loved by God for its beautiful nature and temperate climate throughout the year, its suburbs, temples and monuments scattered throughout the cities of Egypt all, contains within it one of the seven wonders of the world, the pyramids, the enormous structure that tells The power and ambition of the rulers of the Pharaohs of Egypt, do not complete your trip to it without spending time in the pyramids and sphinx, the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt, the magic of the hearts of tourists magnificence and ancient.

In the following report we will answer the most important questions about the Giza pyramids, and start with the most important question in your mind is where the pyramids of Egypt are located and how you can access them and the most important activities that you can do during the visit?

 Where are the pyramids located on the map?

The three pyramids are located in one of the governorates of Egypt, Giza, specifically on a plateau known as the Giza Plateau, about 13 kilometers from the Nile River, located about 8 miles west of Cairo.

How to reach the pyramids of Egypt

Once you know the location of the Pyramids of Egypt on the map we learn how to get to it using different means of transport.

The distance from Cairo to Giza is about 18.8 km, approximately 35 minutes driving through the Ring Road and Cairo-Central.You can go straight south-west of Cairo, Abdel Qader Hamza Street to Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

You can also reach in 33 minutes and a maximum distance of 13.8 km via another route shown on the map, see below.

The most important activities in the Pyramids of Giza

Now that we know where the pyramids are located, you can have a good time visiting the three pyramids and touring around them by renting sentences for a specific time or on foot and taking the finest memorial photos.

You can also visit the magnificent statue, located near the three pyramids of Egypt, and learn about the history of its creation through your tour guide.
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