Top 9 of Egypt's recommended museums 2019

Top 9 of Egypt's recommended museums 2019

 Egypt is famous as one of the most important tourist destinations for lovers of history and archeology, where it includes many places and artifacts belonging to the Pharaonic civilization and the eras that followed, and these pieces are on display in Egypt's museums spread in all its cities and tourist areas such as Cairo and Luxor.

In this report we will display a large collection of museums of Egypt, which includes many of the masterpieces of ancient Egyptian civilization and other civilizations of different ages.

 The best museums in Egypt

Egypt has dozens of museums all over the country that are difficult to count in one article, so we have selected the 9 most famous museums of Egypt that we recommend for you in the next trip.

Egyptian Museum
One of the most famous museums in Egypt and the whole world, and one of the most important tourist attractions in Cairo, is located in Tahrir Square, and features a façade designed in a modern French style, comprising more than 150 thousand different artifacts from different historical periods collected from the tombs of kings and courtiers, including coffins, statues and paintings Professional

Greco - Roman Museum

One of the most famous museums of Alexandria, opened in 1892, so it is one of the oldest museums in Egypt, displaying a large collection of monuments, most of which belong to the Ptolemies and the Romans, which were found in Alexandria and the surrounding cities, and consists of 22 different halls containing artifacts of different types.

 Coptic Museum

One of Cairo's most famous museums and an important tourist landmark, it contains more than 16 thousand artifacts distributed in 12 sections and organized in chronological order, including fabrics and textiles dating from the sixth century AD, as well as multiple pieces of ivory, glass and wood.

Museum of Submerged Antiquities

This museum is different from all the museums of Egypt, it is a sunken city called Heracleion in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in Abu Qir in Alexandria, dating back to the city between the seventh and eighth century AD, among the ruins of the sunken city Heraklion Temple and wooden ships.

 Nubian Museum Aswan

One of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan, it is a relatively modern museum that was opened at the end of 1997.It displays the history of the Nubian civilization, and includes more than 300 artifacts including utensils, crowns, precious stones and others in addition to 90 huge and rare pieces.

 Luxor Museum

One of the finest museums in Egypt, which must be visited when tourism in Luxor, is located close to the Temple of Karnak and overlooking the Nile, opened in 1975 to display artifacts from different eras, from pre-BC to the Islamic era, including a statue Tuthmosis III made of rare rocks.

Islamic art museum

One of the largest museums of Islamic art, designed in the style of an ancient Islamic architecture, opened in 1903 to display a large collection of artifacts of more than 100,000 pieces from the Islamic era, and was collected from various countries such as India, China, Iran, Arabia and Egypt.

The sand museum in Hurghada
One of the most famous tourist places in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, it contains 42 sculptures of yellow and white sand by famous artists from all over the world. It is the first museum in the Middle East for this type of art.

Alexandria National Museum

One of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria, located on the road to freedom in a former Italian-style mansion for a wealthy merchant, and includes more than 1,800 artifacts of different eras since Alexandria was built in 332 BC.

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