Top 8 beaches in Bejaia

Top 8 beaches in Bejaia

Best beaches of Bejaia
The city of Bejaia is characterized by the presence of many shiny beaches to which domestic tourists from all Algerian cities and foreign tourists come because of its places of recreation and recreation, and the best of these beaches and famous city of Bejaia are:

Cabritor Beach
  One of the finest beaches in Bejaia, which offers delightful places to relax on the beach front chairs and relax under the sun umbrellas,
  Visitors can also enjoy various water games such as enjoyable lantern rides teichi.

Tassifeth Beach
Bejaia Beach is one of the finest beaches in Bejaia in Algeria, which is transparent and clean.You can enjoy lunch on the beach.This beach offers multiple seating areas that help to a great serenity.Tichy city is 4.4 km from the city center.

Maghra Beach
  It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bejaia, which enjoys a charming nature of clear waters and bright sun, which provides safe places for swimming and enjoyed by both children and adults.
When you go to this beach, you will spend a wonderful day filled with relaxation and psychological and physical relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of life. The city of Tichy is 5.3 km from the center.
JAVIA beach
  Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tichy, which offers comfortable places for swimming and recreation away from congestion.You can also enjoy renting bicycles on the beach.You will see many pebbles scattered on the beach in an amazing picture.Tichy city is 7 km away from its center.

Beach hippique
  It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bejaia, which works to attract local and foreign residents where it enjoys the magnificent nature of clean water, and features a charming view of a series of towering mountains, and is located in the city of Tichy and away from the center of 7.5 km.

Malbo Beach
It is one of the most popular beaches of Bejaia and is crowded with family holidaymakers because of its safe and clean swimming area thanks to police patrols, 24-hour rescue teams and cleaners who pass by the beach every day, along with the services provided by Melbou Beach Women and men from toilets, separate water sprinklers, restaurants and stalls selling fish, seafood, shawarma, ice cream and soft drinks.

Mlbo Beach offers a great opportunity for visitors from all over the world to witness traditional weddings, customs and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Polymate Beach
Boleim Beach is one of the best beaches in Bejaia, which has recently been officially watched in an attempt to create it as a distinctive coastal point that attracts local or city-based travelers and visitors from other countries.

Bejaia boulimat beach is characterized by clear water and calm waves that make it a safe swimming spot ideal for adults, children and non-professionals, with its magnificent views of the mountain areas and green forests, and its privileged location close to other recreational areas of Bejaia such as Beni Ksila fishing port.

Polymate Beach also offers holidaymakers kiosks to sell snacks, refreshments, ice cream and a series of luxury homes that can be negotiated during holiday time.

Les aiguades Bejaia beach
It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bejaia at all, although it is best treated as a national park where the turquoise waters, pure and clear springs flowing with the green hills covered by forests, shrubs and greenery and densely orchards and the most famous of all at the top of the carbon head.

You can enjoy the beauty of the scenic location where the sea water is hit by the small rock blocks that cut down the path to the peaks of the high mountains and visit the holy shrine by participating in group tours organized by some local sports associations to explore the area, in addition to the tours organized by other associations for older visitors.

The park also provides visitors with a large number of restaurants, snack and beverage kiosks during the summer and less energy during winter, with private parking.
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