Top 5 activities when visiting Sousse

Top 5 activities when visiting Sousse 

The ancient city of Sousse is the most important historical area in the city of Sousse and is the historical heartbeat of it, the city includes a large number of historical monuments and important and remaining intact since the Islamic conquests and the period of the Andalusian rule of the Arab Maghreb to the present time such as mosques, museums, streets, markets and others.

The old city is surrounded by thick walls built to protect the city from enemies. These walls help to moderate the temperature of the place in summer and winter. The old city is one of the most important reasons that may lead you to tourism in Sousse

The place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and receives a large number of tourists from all over the world.

In the following report we will take you on a fun trip to visit the most important sights of the ancient city of Sousse with a brief on the best and most important activities and places to visit there.

Top 5 Things to Do in Sousse Antique City
• You will enjoy a lot of fun when you visit the mosque Zaytuna, which is completely in the middle of the place, which has been retained for more than 1300 years, the mosque has 9 doors and 184 columns, while the Great Mosque is another distinctive mosques, which dates back to more than 1200 years and is located next to The sea features a fence and high observation towers.

You can visit the souks in the heart of antique Sousse where there are markets selling fabrics, carpets, upholstery, handicrafts, leather goods, clothing, perfumes, perfumery, etc. Some of these shops date back hundreds of years, and their light was derived from openings Top ceilings before entering electricity.

• The city wall, which was established in 202 Hijri and which retains its shape to date, deserves a tour on its own. The wall has 8 main doors, the most famous of which are the sea door and the western door. These doors to document your visit to it.

• Within the old city, a large number of heritage cafes take you to the historical atmosphere of Sousse, make sure to choose one of these cafes to get your favorite drink while enjoying the movement and life that goes on in the region.

• Do not leave the place unless you have taken an appropriate number of memorial photos beside these wonderful historical monuments in order to document your visit to it.
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