Top 5 activities when visiting Mount Toubkal in Morocco

Top 5 activities when visiting Mount Toubkal in Morocco

Mount Toubkal is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Morocco because it is the highest mountain peak in the famous Atlas Mountains and has a length of 4167 meters, and is the second highest mountain in the continent of Africa after the Kilimanjaro Mountains.

The mountain is 82 km from the famous city of Marrakech to the south, close to the village of Imlil, which is the closest population of the mountain. Throughout the winter, autumn and spring the mountain top covers large areas of ice in a spectacular natural scenery.

The best things to do in Mount Toubkal Morocco
• If you're a fan of mountain climbing, you're in the right place! You can get your climbing equipment from a shop in the village of Imlil, and it takes about two days to climb the mountain.

* If you are not good at climbing the mountain you can do camping, and this is a great suggestion for lovers of observing landscapes, as the sunset and sunrise from the mountain is a magical one worthy of reflection, and you will have a clear view of the stars and some planets from this place.

If you are a fan of walking, the road from Imlil to Shamheroush can only be strolled.

• Shamheroush Village is the last base before embarking on a mountain climb. Spend time in traditional cafes and sip your favorite drink, or enjoy a local hot meal.

• Make sure you take an appropriate number of commemorative photos during your trip to the mountain so that you can remember your visit.

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