Top 10 Activities in Wadi Jana Dahab Egypt

Top 10 Activities in Wadi Jana Dahab Egypt

 Wadi Gnai Dahab is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Dahab rich in landscapes, palm trees, waterfalls, and more.

The valley is located behind one of the Dahab resorts and near the area of ​​the three basins or the Three Bulls, and includes a beautiful oasis, and nature is very magnificent.

The Jana Valley in Dahab is the perfect place for nature lovers and mountain climbers.

The valley is also an ideal place for those who want to relax a bit near the lake and in the shade of palm trees to rejuvenate.

Those visiting Wadi Jana will notice the effects of water erosion in the mountains, which led to the carving of rocks into stunning color paintings.

The diversity of the nature of the valley between greenery, water and carved rocks made it one of the most visited tourist places in Egypt in the Sinai region.

Activities you can do

• Start by walking around you and your family, get to know the valley and take some memorial photos of the scenery and amazing nature of the place.

You can also tour the Jana Valley in Dahab using bicycles that will help you enjoy the most space.


• For more excitement and adventure, you can enjoy a tour around the place, riding horses or camels, for an experience and adventure like no other.

• Do not forget during your mobiles take some pictures of the rocks of the wonderful Jana Dahab, which will tell you the story of the history of the place.

• You can also participate in one of the safari passes through the valley, which is one of the favorite activities of many visitors to the picturesque city of Dahab.

• The valley includes many picturesque places suitable for residence a pleasant family stroll between the embrace of nature with its huge rocks and the shadows of the mountains.

• If you love mountain climbing, it can be said that Dai Jana Dahab is the ideal place to practice this sport.

• You must embark on a stunning quad biking adventure in the valley, and do not forget to take some wonderful memorial photos.

• The sunset in Wadi Jana in Dahab is one of the most beautiful scenes you can see and take pictures of it at all.

End your trip with a local feast or a delicious seafood platter from one of the restaurants around.

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