The most important attractions in the city of Al Hoceima, Morocco

The most important attractions in the city of Al Hoceima, Morocco

Kimado Beach
The most famous beaches of the city of Al Hoceima, which attracts large numbers of tourists to visit annually from everywhere in the world.

The beach has a magnificent nature reflected by the rocky hills and nearby hills that adorn it with a short tongue that extends into the clear sea water, as well as some trees and greenery growing on its pure golden sands.

The Kimado Beach, which can be recognized as one of the most important landmarks when you see the picturesque city of Al Hoceima offers great opportunities for water sports and recreational beach activities.The beach is an ideal spot for diving and watching and photographing the most beautiful colored coral reefs and rare sea creatures on the seabed.

Archaeological crisis site
One of the most important archaeological sites in the city of Al Hoceima, which is visited by a large number of Moroccans and foreign tourists because of its long history dating back to the ninth century AD and the features and evidence that reflect the emergence of the Islamic State in the region at the time to the founding of Andalusia and the city's events and events during this period.

Throughout its history, the archaeological city is known for its remarkable shipbuilding, pottery and architecture, as well as its ancient role as a defensive fortress that protects the city from enemy attacks.

Al Hoceima National Park
One of the most beautiful natural attractions in the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima, which can be treated as a natural reserve to protect the flora and fauna of the city and the kingdom from extinction.

The park is the most popular and visited by the population of the Kingdom and its Arab and foreign visitors about 60 species of birds, some of which are rare and endangered, such as sea eagle and arsenic, 86 species of fish and marine creatures such as seals, dolphins and corals, local plants such as juniper, oak and allies.

In addition to the wonderful mountain ranges and distinctive luxury accommodation units spread across the park, with a moderate climate attractive to visitors throughout the year.

Sawani Beach
The beaches of Al Hoceima, Morocco, are popular among the local inhabitants of the city and neighboring Moroccan cities, as well as foreign tourists coming from outside the country because of its magnificent nature and historical importance is unmistakable viewfinder.

Al Hoceima Port
One of the most popular tourist attractions and attracting local and foreign tourists while visiting the city of Al Hoceima Morocco, in addition to the fact that sailing inside the port is one of the most important means of transport and transportation within the ancient Moroccan city, the place is great and ideal for family walks whether roaming or sitting in one of the fine restaurants and cafes overlooking the port and a meal Delicious local or international cuisine while enjoying the attractive sea view.

If you are new couples for a honeymoon holiday in Al Hoceima Morocco, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at night in one of the restaurants near the port area overlooking the seaside.

Fort Taourirt Wednesday
One of the most important monuments left by Spanish colonialism in the city of Al Hoceima, Morocco since 1936.

The fortress, built to observe the heart and periphery of the city during the occupation, looks like military towers that resemble the silos of the region's conservationists and consist of 99 rooms designed in a luxurious and elegant architecture.

Claponita Beach
One of the most beautiful beach spots in Al Hoceima, Morocco, ideal for those seeking a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere, as well as safari, camping and mountaineering enthusiasts, with great opportunities to sunbathe in the sun and enjoy water sports such as swimming and diving.

The beach is close to the archaeological site of Mazma and enjoys a tree-lined nature with clear sands and clear waters ideal for diving and various water sports.

Torres Castle
One of the oldest and most ancient monuments of the city of Al Hoceima, which dates back to the era of Portuguese explorers during the 15th century before the Spanish left their mark during the occupation of the city in the mid-16th century.

In other words, Torres Castle or Sanhaja is characterized by its five military towers and its magnificent panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast.

The old mosque
One of the most famous and extensive mosques in Al Hoceima, Morocco, which is one of the city's main landmarks, is 600 meters long and can accommodate 1,200 worshipers.The elegant oriental architectural style and Islamic decorations and inscriptions that decorate the exterior and interior of the mosque are the main attractions of Arab tourists.

Adrooz Mosque
One of the most important and most ancient religious monuments in the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima, which attracts the attention of Arab and foreign tourists in large part thanks to its simple traditional architectural design that spans centuries, during which the mosque was one of the main platforms for teaching the Koran and the principles of jurisprudence and Sharia.

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