Better than the gardens of Algiers we recommend you to visit

Better than the gardens of Algiers we recommend you to visit

Known as several beautiful titles, the so-called Mahrousa because of the intensity of its natural beauty and ancient heritage, white Algiers for the intensity of the whiteness of its ancient buildings, so it is one of the most important tourism cities in Algeria and the most attractive to visitors.

Algiers has many tourist attractions that are popular with visitors who visit it every year for tourism, such as beach resorts, luxury Algiers hotels, museums, rare churches and mosques, palaces and ancient walls.

Follow us in this report the most important information about the best gardens of Algiers based on the evaluation of visitors.

The most beautiful gardens of Algiers
Algiers has two of the best national parks in Algeria in terms of comfort, relaxation and recreation, and picturesque nature, let us know together the most beautiful gardens in Algeria in the following report:
Alhama Experiences Park

Alhama Experiences Park is one of the most beautiful gardens in Algeria, it is one of the largest historical botanical gardens, it contains many trees, which number up to 2500 species, including perennial trees, lakes full of various types of natural trees.

The zoo also has a dedicated animal section, which contains more than 90 species of animals, and the alhama experimental park is also nicknamed the green jewel of Algeria.

National Park of entertainment Ben Aknoun
The National Park of Amusement Bin Aknoun is one of the best parks in Algiers, but it was built in 1978 with an area of 304 hectares.

The second section is for beautiful green spaces, and the third section is for long walks, exercise and rest on the chairs placed inside.

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