Best activities in Ghardaia Palace

Best activities in Ghardaia Palace

Ghardaia Palace in Algeria is one of the most important monuments and tourist attractions in Algeria, which everyone should not miss its visits and explore its ancient monuments closely.

The palace of Ghardaia, or as the locals call it the jewel of the oases, is located in the city of Ghardaia in the north of the Great Algerian Sahara, up to 600 km south of the Algerian capital, and an estimated area of ​​86105 km.

Founded in 1048, the Palace of Ghardaia is characterized by its remarkable geometric design and also contains squares and palaces, as well as ancient folk markets and archaeological mosques.

The palace is also known as the birthplace of the national poet Moufdi Zakaria, the author of the Algerian national anthem, as well as the inclusion of the palace on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The best things to do in Ghardaia Palace
• At the beginning of your arrival to the palace area you can enter the beautiful popular markets area to buy the best old tribal clothing with the family.

• You can also go to the highest peak in the palace to select the best types of professional photographs and rare footage of the old city accompanied by friends. 

• You can also go to a historic mosque in the vicinity of the palace to pray and rest indoors, such as the Hawasha archaeological mosque.

• Finally, you can enter the Museum of the Palace to see all the parts of the palace up close through the model in the museum hall.

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