5 most beautiful tourist cities in Mauritania

5 most beautiful tourist cities in Mauritania

Tourism in Mauritania
When the Atlantic blended into the Sahara desert, surrounded by mountain ranges and valleys, they weaved a painting that pronounced the beauty and charm of nature to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Desert eye area, Gowling Natural Park.

Mauritania has a wide range of cultural, scientific and environmental tourism. It includes many historical cities that UNESCO listed as a World Heritage Site, in addition to its stunning beaches stretching over 750 km. Tourism is largely confined to natural attractions as well as archaeological and historical sites.

The best seasons of tourism in Mauritania
Mauritania's climate is classified as a dry climate, with maximum temperatures exceeding 44 degrees Celsius between May and June. Increases the beauty of this unique country.

In the summer season, which runs from late June to late September, the temperature rises, so we do not recommend visiting at this time until you enjoy your trip.

The autumn season starts from late September and extends until December and is the most beautiful seasons of the year undisputed.

Winter begins at the end of December through March, in which the climate is mild and gives you a mixture of golden sunlight and cold air breezes so you can discover the secrets of its amazing nature.

The spring season starts in late March and ends in June, where the climate at the beginning of the season differs from the end between moderation and drought, allowing you to visit the wonderful beaches and recreation.

How long you can stay in Mauritania
The duration of your 90-day stay in Mauritania is limited to the time you receive your visa, but only if your passport is valid for at least 6 months in order to obtain this visa.

Tourism in Nouakchott Mauritania
Nouakchott is the capital of Mauritania, and the largest and busiest cities, where the economic and administrative center of the country, and includes the beach Nouakchott, which is one of the most beautiful beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean extends tourist resorts along, in addition to a large number of famous tourist attractions in Mauritania that attract tourists from various countries of the world, as well as the distinctive commercial markets, the National Museum, and huge mosques, as well as St. Joseph's Cathedral, the port of friendship, and many other important landmarks in this distinctive city.

The recommended duration of sightseeing in Nouakchott is 3 days.

Tourism in the city of Lata Mauritania
The city of Walata, called the Jewel of the East, offers tourism in Mauritania in a variety of pictures because of its strategic location, and is considered the most important centers of Arab and Islamic cultural radiation, and one of the most commercially prosperous cities. It is an open-air museum, home to the Handicraft Center, which allows you to view traditional handicrafts, as well as offices with rare ancient manuscripts. And led to the era of Islamic conquests in the country.

The recommended duration of sightseeing in Lata is 2 days.

Tourism in the city of Chinguetti Mauritania
Chinguetti is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Mauritania, which is called the eyes of horses, established in the 11th century AD and was once the most famous among the Mauritanian cities until the country was known as the country of Chinguetti, but now it is an important commercial center where the largest and most important markets, where the availability of products From handicrafts such as carpets, upholstery, clothing, antiques, jewelery, and a wide range of restaurants that serve local delicacies with the best of their environment.

The recommended duration of sightseeing in Chinguetti is one day.

Tourism in the city of Ouadane Mauritania
It is one of the most famous tourist cities in Mauritania, and serves as an open-air museum, an ancient fortress, and still retains some of its old buildings from palaces such as palace Qalali magnificent colors, houses, and the old mosque, and was also of great importance as a commercial and cultural center in the ages Central where festivals of music and poetry were held.

As you tour this city, you will learn about the country's history, enjoy the breathtaking views of the palm oases stretching between the water springs and lush gardens, and you can camp amidst this charming nature.

Tourism in the city of Kaedi Mauritania
Kheidi is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Mauritania, which was established in the 15th century AD, where tourists from all over the place, especially for its proximity to the Senegal River, and increased its fame during the French occupation after they set up a castle in the northern part, also includes a marina for ships and many landmarks Archaeological sites along with mud-brick houses and popular markets spread among its narrow streets.

The recommended duration of sightseeing in Kaedi is 1 day.

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